Cindy Morgan-Postcards

At 17 she ran away to the city,

Thought she would find herself there,

Scared and afraid, she panhandled all day,

To get enough for a one way fare,

And a taxi to the nearest Greyhound bus,

Made a call, Mom said please come home to us,


I’m searching, I’m traveling

My life’s been unraveling,

I still don’t know where this will lead,

Enjoying the weather, I’ll get it together,

So don’t worry,

I’ll send you a postcard

From my journey to me.


Crawled through the desert and swam in the ocean,

Tried meditation and a few magic potions,

Marched at the Whitehouse

Against the attacks,

Sent a call out to Buddah

But he never called back,

And I’m thinking there must be something I have missed,

What to think of all this,

If you can’t find the answers from anyone else,

You’ll just have to see for yourself,

Under a blanket and up on a mountain,

A sleeping bag prayer

Where she drank from the fountain,

Though about Sunday school

Though about Jesus,

Love that’s so simple,

Grace that’s so genius,

And just like those ruby red slippers you know,

The answers were there in her soul,

I’m searching I’m traveling but I’m not unraveling,

I still don’t know where this will lead,

Enjoying the weather

It feels like forever since I’ve seen Tennessee,

This is the last of my postcards,

I’ll be back home by the next star,

I love you with all my heart,

Sincerely, Me